Herbamedicus Aloe Vera lotion
Aloe vera lotion

Its main component is the Aloe Vera Barbadensis, an extract known by many generations for thousands of years. The lotion hydrates and regenerates the skin, containing essential nutrients for the skin. Helps maintain a soft, healthy skin.

Herbamedicus Olive Oil cream
Olive oil cream

With the right balance of moisture and fatty acids olive oil is the perfect solution to hydrate the skin of both body and face. Improves scar healing, softens small wrinkles and extends the healthy tan after summer. Suitable for both daytime and nighttime.

Herbamedicus Sea Buckthorn cream
Sea buckthorn cream

A unique mixture of physiologically active minerals and vitamins. Provides holistic protection to the dry, rough, cracked skin (sunburns for example). Its inflammatory and renewing effects help scar healing, improve recovery from skin diseases and act as a mild painkiller agent.

Herbamedicus Chamomile hand cream
Chamomile hand cream

Sooths the irritated, itchy, dry skin. Smooths, nourishes and regenerates the soft skin on the hands. Perfect for sensitive and rough skin. Its other main component, glycerin, is well known for its protecting and hydrating effectsm, and accelerates the renewing processes. The cream's lightweight formula does not leave greasy feeling on the skin.

Herbamedicus hair lotion with birch essence
Hair lotion with birch essence

Stimulates, refreshes both hair and scalp. Perfect solution against hair loss and dandruff.

Herbamedicus Aloe Vera hand cream
Aloe vera hand cream

Its glycerin and B5 vitamin ingredients the cream helps soften and regenerate the skin around the nails and on the hands. Helps maintaining a soft skin and strong nails. The aloe vera extract nourishes and sooths dry skin.

Herbamedicus Vaseline for cracked skin

Use as a last resort for itchy, red, cracked skin. PH-neutral, doesn't contain additives and preservatives. Also works well as baby ointment.