Herbamedicus Aloe Vera balm
Aloe vera balm

Its main component is the Aloe Vera Barbadensis, an extract known by many generations for thousands of years. Well working agent for scars, cuts, scrapes, light burns, insect bites, itchy and sore skin. It is also well known for its antibacterial, softening, soothing effects. Slows the skin's natural aging processes.

Herbamedicus Arnica balm
Arnica balm

It's main ingredient is the Arnica montana, an extract known for various positive healing efffects. Use it to sooth itchy skin, insect bites, bruises, rhemumatic symptoms and muscle pain. Protects and nourishes the skin. Use it on the desired skin area and enjoy its pleasant effects.

Herbamedicus Melkfett balm
Melkfett balm

A recipe developed by milk maids for rugh, cracked skin. Protects the skin and its silky softness. Perfect formula for those working in cold, moist enviroments for added protection of the skin.

Herbamedicus Red wine horse chestnut balm
Red vine - horse chestnut balm

Arnica montana and comfrey extracts help the beneficial effects of horse chestnut and merlot leaves extracts. We suggest using this balm for tired, aching legs, improve circulation and relax, soothe and warm sore limbs.

Herbamedicus Devils claw balm
Devil's claw balm

Its active substance is obtained from the roots of the South African savannah's wild plant. Improves circulation, helps sore joints, arthrosis, and rheumatism. Relaxes and regenerates tired muscles, serves as a mild painkiller agent. Improves the recovery in limbs after accidents and surgeries.

Herbamedicus Red wine balm
Red vine balm

Its main ingredient is the Vitis Vinifera (Merlot) leaf extract. Stimulates circulation, refreshes and calms tired limbs effective solution for varicose veins and vasoconstriction. Suggested for those working long hours standing up, this balm is perfect to sooth tired feet.

Herbamedicus marigold balm
Marigold balm

It's active ingredient is Calendula officinalis, well-known for scar healing, disinfectant, inflammatory, antifungal, styptic effects. Protects the rough, cracked skin, also helps in acne treatment. Especially suggested for children and older generations.

Herbamedicus red horsebalm with herbal extract
Red horsebalm

Warming, relaxing, calming balm with ingredients such as camphor, arnica, chili and rosemary. Effective solution for pains in various joints such as knee, ankle, elbow, wrist and waist, and it leaves a soft, warming feel on the skin.

Herbamedicus green horsebalm with herbal extracts
Green horsebalm

Cooling, relaxing, calming balm with camphor and arnica extracts. Effective solution for pains in various joints such as knee, ankle, elbow, wrist and waist, and it leaves a soft, cooling feel on the skin. Refreshes and cools during the summer heat.